Stories in pictures.


Simon Bolton-Gabrielsen is a filmmaker and artist based in the north of the UK, creating original independent work in both traditional cinema and immersive video forms, including 360˚ and 3D virtual reality.  An MA graduate from the Northern Film School, he is now pursuing PhD research into immersive storytelling at the University of York.

With a past in music, as a boy chorister at Westminster Cathedral, and developing as an actor throughout his schooling and first degree, Simon has a close engagement with the arts in many forms.  It was during his degree studies in literature and drama that film became his primary interest, a meeting point of all these disciplines.  The artistic languages of cinema, from the raw aggressive drama of the Dogme 95 group films of the late nineties, to cinematic phenomena from the likes of Kubrik and Kieslowski, inspired his exploration of the form.

At that time Simon recognised the possibilities of a truly immersive narrative artform, but at a time when this was not yet practically available.  In 2018, we stand on the cusp of a genuinely compelling new immersive space in which stories envelope us, undermining our cinema-literate expectations and utilising new, as yet barely discovered, expressive languages.  

Simon continues to pursue independent cinematic film production, alongside an energetic exploration of this new form, complemented by creative commercial work with businesses and creatives in the north of England, helping them to access that new immersive space in a unique and powerful way.  He welcomes submissions to his Youtube channel "theUnimerse", a curated collection of immersive content exploring different approaches to the form.