Immersion: a new art form

Immersive video and photo capture is now becoming accessible to the wider market, with new opportunities to create and distribute media.  This new sphere offers extraordinary benefits both to creative storytellers and to businesses, allowing viewers through online platforms like Youtube and Facebook to visit your world and experience products and experiences before they buy. 

This is a hugely powerful marketing tool, allowing businesses really to give customers a taste of their product.



These immersive video forms are best viewed on dedicated headsets, or with mobile technology like tablets and smartphones that contain motion sensors, and can combine stereoscopic 2D or 3D images with moving surround sound - as you move your head or device, the things you see and hear change according to where you look.  However they can be viewed on a traditional computer screen, with the ability to move the image with the drag of a mouse.


Lip Dub 360

A new take on the high school “Lip Dub” video created for St Thomas a Becket school in Wakefield, UK, mixing staged elements and the energy of full immersive live capture with 500 teenagers!


Artwalk 360

An initial experimental video compiled at Wakefield's Artwalk in May 2018.  Best viewed on mobile devices with or without stereoscopic viewer.  Use headphones to get the full 3D, spatial audio experience.


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